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Julian is a co-founder of de Chalains® having graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a B.Econ degree. He has over thirty years of experience in the management of trade mark portfolios and trade mark data bases.

Prior to joining Spoor & Fisher Julian spent approximately four years with a major multi-national group of companies based in South Africa. In his thirteen years with Spoor & Fisher Julian headed up the formalities department and administered trade mark renewals, portfolios and data bases of these entities, respectively.

As portfolio manager at de Chalains® he specialises in the field of post-registration formalities and, in particular, trade mark and patent renewals, assignments, amendments and registered users. Julian also deals with company and close corporation searches as well as name reservations. He also ensures that the finance, administration and personnel functions are managed effectively and efficiently. Julian is a keen follower of sports, enjoys cycling and is married to Mia. He is also a proud father of four!

Contact Julian

+27 12 346 4264