Why choose de ChalainsIP®?

Our client base is varied and continues to grow. We are however not saturated by a surplus of clients enabling us to provide and sustain unprecedented levels of service excellence.


We receive regular instructions from corporates (including listed companies), attorneys, trade mark agents, search houses and businesses, both locally and abroad. Moreover, we represent clients across a broad range of sectors including international rugby and football teams, prominent cricket supporter clubs and clients in the automotive, 4×4, gaming, e-commerce, financial, electronics, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, education, entertainment, wine, whiskeys, nutritional products, furniture and retail, tourism,  computer and internet industries, to mention but a few.

Further reasons to choose de Chalains® may be summarised as follows:
  • Unrivalled turn-around time and responsiveness in respect of providing opinions on the registrability of searches, both locally and abroad
  • International capability and established network of associates.
  • Cost effective without the expenses, untimeliness, over-servicing and delegation difficulties that may be experienced through large firms.
  • Smaller client base increases chances of avoiding awkward conflict of interest situations.
  • Advice given is timely, clear and commercially focused; we anticipate opportunities and problems and advise on options and alternatives to assist you in making sound commercial decisions in managing your trade marks.
  • The ability to have access to dedicated IP attorneys’ supported by a highly proficient professional team.
  • An exceptional trade mark management system and secure web-enabled access to your trade mark portfolio and technical backup, infrastructure and support.
  • A budget planning facility (also web-enabled) enabling you to estimate the costs of a particular trade mark over a period of time.
  • Access to watching services alerting us of possible infringing marks to be sifted by our professionals and then only relayed to yourselves if we are of the view that there are sound strategic and/or commercial reasons to pursue opposition.